Legs Up The Wall Pose

Want to feel instant chill?  Try this pose!  It is really simple.  Find a wall in your home, lay sideways against the wall so that your bottom is flat on the wall, then swing your legs up the wall until you are lying flat on your back.  Does that sound too difficult?  No problem, just get your legs up that wall any way you can!

Legs up the wall pose (aka, Viparita Karani) promotes instant relaxation.  It calms the nervous system, is said to relieve headaches, reduces swelling in the feet and legs, feels great during menstruation (i.e. cramp relief) and feels amazing on your lower back.

There are some contraindications for this pose however.  Avoid if you have glaucoma, high blood pressure or if you have a hernia.

The beauty is... you don't have to practice yoga for an hour or more to get the bennies! You can feel amazing in just 5 - 10 minutes per day by just practicing a pose or two. Legs up the wall pose can help you feel awesome... NOW.  So go ahead.  Find a wall that looks inviting, swing your legs up and chill.  Okay... okay.. set your timer - just 5 to 10 is all you need.

Try it and see for yourself! I bet you will be so glad you did!

Remember... you don't have to practice yoga for an hour every day to feel amazing.  You don't have to only feel the bennies when you attend class.  You can practice at home for just minutes a day, on a consistent basis to reap the rewards of this blessing called yoga.

To learn more about how to practice at home, please follow this blog.

Peace and blessings to you and your's


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